A Poem: Rise Still

Rise Still

I laid my head down, no words for what just took place

So many black and brown bodies with so much pain on their face.

“What do I tell my daughter?” asked the black man on TV

Telling her that white folk’s fears are not hers sure ain’t easy.


How does he explain that what we just witnessed was prejudicial self-preservation writ large?

How does he explain that, to many white folks, her dreams are their nightmares? That equality appears yet still a mirage?

Should he use the little white lie that this was all just about a need for “change” and jobs for the working class man?

How does he say that when he knows this was about making America white again?


He has no answers for her and I have less answers for him

How could I when it was “my people” who voted to “take our country back from them”?

81 percent yellin, “I’d vote for anyone but him unless that anyone is a ‘her.’”

81 percent still yellin, “We gotta protect our way of life, so give us no king but Caesar!”


So I hit play on that Kendrick and hear him say, “We gon be alright.”

And I know I’ll be alright because my skin color gives me exemption from their plight.

But that just won’t do for me, and I won’t just stand idly by

Not while the system is trying to kill and pimp these butterflies.


It had become sorta trendy to say “black lives matter,” but guess what, it no longer will

So the time has now come and is already here, to determine in your heart: will you rise still?

Like Chance said, “Don’t believe in kings believe in the kingdom.”

This was never gonna come free, but I’ve counted the cost and decided there’s no price I won’t pay, I do this for freedom.


So what will I do now? Please believe I won’t stay down

Not when Kirk told us that we will “never drown.”

So go on and do your worst to make America great,

D. Blake’s gonna play us a tune as we levitate to the Throne and bring all of Heaven down on this hate.